Exporting a trial balance

Exporting a trial balance

Exporting a trial balance

Create a file to export the trial balance from Caselle to use it in Microsoft Excel.

Do this...

1. Open Connect or Clarity General Ledger > Reports > Trial Balance.

2. Set up the report options to choose the trial balance to export.

3. Click to select the Print Settings tab.

4. Click to select the Export checkbox.



5. Click to select the Save As/Export tab.



6.  Use the section titled Export Options to enter the File Name.

This is the export file name followed by .csv. To save the export file in the default directory, enter the [filename].csv. To save the export file in a different directory, enter the drive and path followed by the filename, like this: [drive][path][filename].csv or c:\desktop\TrialBalanceYYYY.csv



 7. Click Print (CTRL+P).

The trial balance is saved as a file that you can open in Microsoft Excel.

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