Install Caselle on a Workstation - Connect

Install Caselle on a Workstation - Connect

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The client needs to have a mapped drive to the shared Caselle folder on their server.

Right Click on the This PC in File Explorer and choose Map network drive…

In the Drive path use the same letter as all the other workstations in the office.

In the Folder path type in the server name and the shared folder name. If you don’t know this info you can look on another machine in the office that already has this drive mapped or check the client Zoho record for details.



NOTE:  All of the workstations must have the same drive letter mapped or they could run into issues later.


To install Connect, open the Install Programs folder from the drive you mapped above.

Right click on the Setup (original file is dated in 2012) and Run as Administrator


Use all the defaults during the installation.

Click Finish to close the installation.


In File Explorer, go to the drive that was mapped on the first page of these instructions. Open the temp folder and look for the latest update file (example Copy this file and go to the next step.



NOTE:  If you are unable to find the Connect release that the organization has installed, you can

                  download it here:

    Update the link for the release that you need (ie

After the file has been downloaded, go to the properties then Unblock.

Save a copy of the file in the temp folder.


In File Explorer, find this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Caselle Clarity 4

Right click on the Caselle Clarity 4 folder

Go to Properties

Click on the Security tab

Click Edit


In the Group or user names box click on Users

In the Permissions for Users, Allow column, check the Modify box

Click OK

Click OK

Open the Caselle Clarity 4, right click in a white space within the folder and paste the .zip file.

Right click on the .zip file and extract into C:\Program Files (x86)\Caselle Clarity 4 folder.

Confirm overwrite of the duplicate files.

When it is finished you can close the File Explorer


On the desktop you should see the Caselle icon.

Right click on the Caselle icon, select Properties


Update the Start in path to the newly mapped drive and the Client’s Startup folder.

Click on Change Icon… and select the Connect icon.

Go to the General tab and change the name of the application from Caselle Clarity to Caselle Connect.

Click OK. (If the icon did not change to the Connect image you may need to go into the properties, Change icon button and select it again, then press OK.)

Click on your Windows Start button, type cmd, right click and Run as Administrator
Paste the following into the elevated command prompt and press, enter

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Caselle Clarity 4\Caselle6.CaselleUpdateService.exe" install

You should receive a confirmation that the service was installed successfully.

Now you can launch Caselle normally and log in.

If you need any additional assistance with the installation or have questions, please call Civic Systems at 888.241.1517.

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