Recording Employee Time to a GL Activity in Payroll

Recording Employee Time to a GL Activity in Payroll

To record employee time and wages to a GL Activity in Payroll, follow these steps:
  1. From your Payroll Checklist, click on the step where you enter employee time.  This will most likely take you to Payroll | Employees | Enter Payroll Checks.
  2. Enter the EmployeePay codeGL account (if necessary), GL activity, and Hours.  
  3. Do this for every employee that needs their time coded to a GL Activity.
When you update the General Ledger, this employee's wages will be updated to both the GL Account used for that invoice along with the GL Activity.  
PLEASE NOTE: The employee's benefits will also be allocated to this GL Activity.  For example, if a person spent 20% of their time on this GL Activity, 20% of their benefits will also be recorded to this Activity automatically.

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