Connect Quarterly Update - 2022.08

Connect Quarterly Update - 2022.08

Release Date:         August 2022

Version:                 2022.08

Install Instructions:      Install instructions WITH COWS 
                                    Install instructions WITOUT COWS

All Applications

 Print Settings

  • Print options section (Print Settings tab > Print tab) includes the following additional output setting:
    • Suppress Date and Time checkbox - Removes the processing date and time from the report header. 
    • Suppress Page Numbers checkbox - Removes the page numbers from the report header.
  • Remove Blank Columns checkbox (Print Settings tab > Save As tab) will remove additional blank columns (delimiters) when saving a report as a CSV file type.

System Management


  • An additional option has been added to the Amazon S3 Attachment interface to assist with attachment management:
    • Make Attachments Private checkbox - When this checkbox is selected, attachments are saved so that they are only accessible through Connect.  A temporary url will provide access to the private attachment for a 5 minute period.  Note: Any previously saved attachments will need to be saved again to make them only accessible through Connect.

Accounts Payable

Enter Invoices (Watch Video (1m39s))
  • In Options (F12), the Save Invoice When This Field is Entered Through menu includes None as an option. (Read help article)
  • You can click on the Search button on the Invoice Number field after you enter a vendor number in the Vendor field. (Read help article)
  • In the Redisplay grid, the Column Chooser includes the Remittance Description column. (Read help article)
Enter Purchase Orders (Watch Video (0m38s))
  • The Delete Purchase Orders window includes a new section for deleting purchase orders by input date and purchase order number.  Use it to delete multiple purchases at one time. (Read help article)
Enter Requisitions (Watch Video (0m43s))
Select Invoices for Payment (Watch Video (0m35s))
  • The Column Chooser includes the Invoice GL Period and Invoice PO Number. (Read help article)
Setup New Vendors, Modify Existing Vendors (Watch Video (1m19s))
  • Created bycreated datelast modified by, and last modified date fields have been added to reports that show vendor information.
  • The field length for the Item Description field on the Entry Defaults tab has been increased from 30 characters to more than 100 characters. 
Vendor Inquiry (Watch Video (0m29s))

Accounts Receivable

Enter Invoices (Watch Video (0m51s))

  • The Invoice Copy Fields and Invoice Copy Detail Fields has been added to Options (F12).  Use the options to copy the value from the previous record to the current record. (Read help article)

Modify Existing Customers (Watch Video (0m42s))

Asset Management

Organization (Watch Video (1m09s))

  • Keep [x] Years of History field adds an option to select how many years of transaction history will be kept. (Read help article)
Setup New Assets (Watch Video (1m08s))
  • The selection window for Manage Stop Fields includes the fields in the Allocations tab: PercentDepartmentType, and Acquisition Account. (Read help article)

Backflow Management

Enter Assembly Test Results (Watch Video (0m51s))

  • The  Assembly ID field requires an exact match of the value entered instead of finding the nearest matching value.

Modify Existing Assembles (Watch Video (0m51s))

  • The  Assembly ID field requires an exact match of the value entered instead of finding the nearest matching value. (Read help articl

Business License

  • Verify Transactions Have Been Updated to General Ledger through [mm/dd/yyyy] checkbox is disables when the GL interface is turned off. (Read help article)
  • Status (License/Tax) field displays the closed status in red.
Modify Existing Businesses (Watch Video (1m27s))
  • Running the routine will remove blank spaces in the alert message from the business. (Read help article)

Cash Receipting

  • The Description field uses a new validation to prevent duplicate names from being used.  This release will rename any existing duplicate names to include the category code at the end of the description. (Read help article)
Import Payments (Watch Video (0m58s))
  • User field shows a new warning when a user is not selected or if a previously saved user was set to inactive and is no longer an available option.

Community Development

Estimate Permits, Modify Existing Permits, Modify Existing Projects, Setup New Permits, Setup New Projects (Watch Video (1m12s))
  • The Total Valuation field allows a value up to $999,999,999.00.
Fee Register (Watch Video (0m39s))
Modify Existing Properties (Watch Video (0m44s))
  • The Search window for the Property lookup field includes the ID field in the Column Chooser. (Read help article)
Property Inquiry (Watch Video (0m31s))
  • The Search window for the Property lookup field includes the ID field in the Column Chooser. (Read help article)
  • The Selection window on the Additional Fields tab includes the ID field for the related property. (Read help article)

General Ledger

Activity Inquiry (Watch Video (0m36s))

  • A mini-filter button for filtering transaction detail by journal code has been added to the Journal Code column on the Details tab. (Read help article)
Approve Journal Amounts (Watch Video (0m27s))
  • Debit total and credit total have been added to the grid.
Chart of Accounts (Watch Video (0m47s))
  • Created By, Created DateLast Modified By, and Last Modified Date fields have been added as available columns. (Read help article)
  • A mini-filter button for filtering transaction detail by journal code has been added to the Journal Code column on the Details tab.
  • New user interface.  The view has been re-written to add functionality to display the entries that will be copied.
  • Multiple Periods link supports copying journal entries to multiple periods.
Deposit List (Watch Video (0m30s))
  • Supports new reporting features.
Detail Ledger (Watch Video (0m34s))
  • The Accounts to include menu includes With Activity and Balances as an option. (Read help article)

Government Reporting

Convert Year-end Tax Information (Watch Video (1m01s))

  • This routine will only replace records for the selected employees.  

W-2 Forms (Watch Video (1m22s))

  • New form variables: Box 12 Additional Code and Box 12 Additional Amount.  These variables can be added to a form without requiring the use of multiple forms to report these amounts for an employee.


Check Register (Watch Video (1m38s))

  • Supports new reporting features.
  • Added the ability to summarize transmittal information. (Read help article)
Employee List (Watch Video (0m53s))
  • W-4 fields for federal withholding were added to the report.
Enter Benefit Adjustments (Watch Video (3m06s))
  • Supports the newest programming.
  • Added the ability to split amounts based on the employee allocation. (Read help article)
Enter Payroll Checks (Watch Video (1m30s))
Pay by Exception Report (Watch Video (0m57s))
  • Supports new reporting features.
  • Summarize by Pay Code checkbox will include the total by pay code instead of printing the pay code detail. (Read help article)
  • Tables includes the ability to use Workers Compensation tables.
  • Added the ability to pull in GL account descriptions.
SUTA Wage List - Indiana
  • Electronic file supports the latest changes to the state format for filing electronically.

Project Accounting

Update General Ledger (Watch Video (0m53s))

  • Fund allocations will be created to the general ledger.


Update Payroll (Watch Video (0m57s))

  • Employees with two positions.  The hourly rate is no longer sent over to Payroll when an employee has two positions now that positions can be tied to hours.  The overtime calculation will assign the primary position if hte hours from two positions are used to reach the limit.

Utility Management

Rates (Watch Video (1m04s))

  • The Service field shows a warning if the service is changed on an existing rate that has existing billing records. (Read help article)

Report Writer (Watch Video (0m45s))

  • [Report].Balance due date column reports the due date for the current balance within the selected report date.

Setup New Customers (Watch Video (1m25s))

  • Copy Only Active Services from Previous Customer checkbox is added to the Billing Services tab in Setup New Customer Options (F12).  When this option is selected, only services that are currently active will copy to the new customer. (Read help article)

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